Springer is publishing the series “Optimization and Its Applications” aims to publish state-of-the-art expository works (monographs, contributed volumes, textbooks) that focus on algorithms for solving optimization problems and also study applications involving such problems. Some of the topics covered include nonlinear optimization (convex and nonconvex), network flow problems, stochastic optimization, optimal control, discrete optimization, multi-objective programming, description of software packages, approximation techniques and heuristic approaches.

A list of the selected books is given below.

Sergeyev Y.D., De Leone R. (2022) Numerical Infinities and Infinitesimals in Optimization, Springer.

Kalyagin, V.A., Koldanov, A.P., Koldanov, P.A., Pardalos, P.M. (2020) Statistical Analysis of Graph Structures in Random Variable Networks. Springer.

Matsatsinis, N. F., Marinakis, Y., Pardalos, P. (2020). Learning and Intelligent Optimization. Springer.

Pardalos, P., Kotsireas, I., Guo, Y., Knottenbelt, W. (2020). Mathematical Research for Blockchain Economy. Springer.

Archetti, F., Candelieri, A. (2019). Bayesian Optimization and Data Science. Springer, Cham.

Fathi, M., Khakifirooz, M., Pardalos, P. M. (2019). Optimization in Large Scale Problems, Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 Applications. Springer.

Velásquez-Bermúdez, J. M., Khakifirooz, M., Fathi, M. (2019). Large Scale Optimization in Supply Chains and Smart Manufacturing, Theory and Applications. Springer.

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Marti, R., Pardalos, P., & Resende, M. (2017). Handbook of Heuristics. Springer.
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